Eeksi dysfunction is a medical condition characterized by the inability to obtain and maintain an erection sufficient for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. It can be caused due to various physical conditions, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes or psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety. This is a condition that is very common, especially in older men. Erectile dysfunction can greatly affect a person’s life as this may affect the quality of one’s sex life, and in severe cases, stretch out the relationship between the couple. In some cases, it can cause infertility. Erectile dysfunction is usually a sign of an underlying medical condition that requires treatment and visit .


In addition to the disease and lifestyle, there are other things that lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a hormone disorder and the use of certain drugs (among other things emetic drugs fat and hypertension). Stress and depression can not be taken lightly, because if allowed to drag on and not addressed, could make a husband getting worse in bed. According to Dr. Anita Gunawan MS.Sp.And from Central Pertamina Hospital (RSPP), most of the root of the problem is usually even come from outside the bedroom. About work (including relationships with bosses and coworkers) and interpersonal relationships of husband and wife usually ranks on the factors causing stress.


how to treat erectile dysfunction – erectile dysfunction is a disease that is very personal and can only be felt by the patient with his partner during sexual intercourse. Therefore, the symptoms will be of impotence were usually unknown. Unless, who went to the doctor concerned. From anamnesis (structured interviews) and a physical examination by physicians will be able to note the signs and symptoms of impotence.

Steps being taken in the process of diagnosis of the first is the history, which asked about diseases such as diabetes mellitus (diabetes), hypercholesterolemia (increased levels of fat in the blood), penaykti heart, smoking, alcohol, drugs, surgery ever performed , spine diseases, neurological diseases, and psychiatric.

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Of so many outstanding fighting franchises in the gaming industry today, Dead or Alive should be recognized is one of the best. Although often seen as a game that sells only through the sheer sensuality of the female character design, DOA also proved able to present a charming fighting gameplay. Execution ciamik that require skill combo makes it attractive to gamers fans of this genre. After waiting long enough, franchise is finally getting a new series – Dead or Alive 5 and you can visit .


Dead or Alive 5 Team Ninja is doing today is looked stunning. Through the teaser video was released, gamers can battle meilihat how the environment is now also move dynamically and generate destructive impression is so strong. These effects vary more gamers get the adrenaline pumping strong. Although still in pre-alpha stage, DOA 5 has been able to produce the first impression is so tempting. But all this seems not enough if we do not look to see memorable female fighters of this series. This time, Team Ninja introduced Ayane and Hitomi.

Design of these two characters seem much more mature and cooler than Ayane Hitomi dah which is known gamer. One thing is quite interesting as well, Team Ninja also did not offer a “fan-service” excessively as the hallmark of DOA for this. Both characters are present in the clothes were so covered with full of killing a perceptible aura. Does this mean Tecmo Koei – as the publisher wanted a different DOA? Or as usual, all the fan-service will be presented in alternate costumes available? Whatever it is, DOA 5 increasingly proving itself as one of the fighting game worth waiting by gamers Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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The first time Capcom introduced a new concept of Devil May Cry, a variety of direct criticism crashing hard. As one of the game’s iconic hack and slash, Devil May Cry are already present in four series does have its own fans base. Courage for recruiting Capcom and Ninja Theory’s reboot of the franchise is starting something very risky. Moreover, they bring the design Dante completely different. Not a few gamers are skeptical of this one policy. But slowly, Capcom started to prove to themselves that they are on the right track.

Through a variety of trailer and the latest screenshots released by Capcom, the latest series named “DMC” This turned out to perform is not much different from the DMC series, which is known gamer. Dante still comes with full battle force through a sword fight and dual-handgunnya. On the other hand, the plot is carried by Ninja Theory also presents a new, more epic atmosphere. Not only against the devil, you even now have to deal with the city that suddenly alive. Through the latest trailer – “Escape”, Capcom showed the action of adrenalin this and get clash of clans hack tool .


It is not easy to calm the “emotion” of the big fans on the extreme changes made by Capcom. However, with gameplay that looks better and cool, it is better if the players also began to think a little bit open. Although Dante now has a different view, but the essence of the whole franchise is able to hack and slash illustrated well in this new series. Imagine if Capcom does not do a reboot process and we continue to get Dante and Devil May Cry as we know it. The new atmosphere needed to refresh a franchise game.

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The legend of the Three Kingdoms of China today is increasingly popular game turned into a theme. Legend of 3 Kingdom is one of them. Not unlike the original story, this MMORPG game also presents three kingdoms fight each other: Shu, Wei, Wu and the ambition to master the Bamboo State. This game also presents the legendary iconic heroes who have certainly known by gamers such as Guan Yu, Zhou Yun and Zhang Fei.

On December 20, 2011, Legend of 3 Kingdom direncakaan will enter its Closed Beta. This phase is of course done as a trial period prior to the release of this game in full to the market ,. Closed Beta period is also often identified as the right moment to capture the attention of gamers. Therefore, the publisher – Prodigy Infinitech itself has prepared a variety of events to Legend of 3 Kingdom and visit clash of clans cheats .


Game through closed beta period will usually offer better quality at the time of the full version will be released in due handling of the bug early. It is of course also a major consideration of Prodigy Infinitech when introduced Legend of 3 Kingdom. For gamers? It would appear as plus points to make it as an alternative MMORPG game to be played. Involved in a colossal war three kingdom in the online mode? Epic!

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Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is just emerging as a short trailer lasts approximately 25 seconds. Nevertheless, short trailer is quite intriguing because of two things: Bioware and Frostbite 2! Bioware has always been a mainstay studio EA’s games role-playing game. Some of the game titles they produce must have been familiar to lovers of RPG as a game that does have a high quality, such as the series Dragon Age and Mass Effect. However, for the world of RTS, to say the experience Bioware is still minimal.


Another interesting thing mentioned in the trailer is a game engine Frostbite 2 engine that was first used in the game Battlefield 3 is recognized as an engine with a graphical display is very good. EA seems to want to bring quality graphics engine is presented to the outside world of Battlefield 3. This is evident with the advent of the game Need for Speed: The Run is also using these engines and now Command & Conquer: Generals 2 also participated use and visit .

If there are no obstacles, Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will be present to greet fans of the series Command & Conquer in 2013.

The emergence of the title Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will certainly be a breath of fresh air for fans of Command & Conquer, especially for the series Generals. The first game of the series is present in the year 2003, followed by an expansion pack, “Zero Hour” in the same year. At that time, the series was quite successful military RTS attract the attention of lovers of strategy games. Unfortunately, EA decided not to continue the series, at least until the year 2011.

Here are some screenshots that we took from the trailer. For the record, all of which are on display in the game (in-game), not a movie that has been pre-rendered. Frostbyte 2 is incredible!

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For PC gamers, the name S.T.A.L.K.E.R certainly not foreign to the ear. Game Action FPS-themed adventures in the area of ​​the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is indeed left a unique impression on the hearts of gamers who never played. The game is unique and seem like a role playing can provide an unforgettable gaming experience. Therefore, the news lid developer GSC is responsible for the manufacture S.T.A.L.K.E.R is a hard blow for all fans.


GSC lid News first broadcast via PC gaming blog Rock Paper Shotgun who wrote about the closure of the game studio by its owner, Sergei Grigorovich. According to the news, Sergei was not satisfied with the development of the new game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2. This news was immediately denied by the GSC in the company’s official Twitter feed for the game. GSC Party said “We do not close the GSC or cancel S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2″. Surprisingly, some time later the feed mysteriously disappeared! This is certainly cause tremendous confusion among gamers and gaming analyst and you can visit on .

Allegations regarding the closing of the main reasons GSC was raised to the surface. Many argue GSC “blocked” the government due to the use of the theme of Chernobyl are still quite sensitive in the Russian government. However, it seems only a mere rumor. Until this news was written, there is still no official statement from the GSC regarding the fate of these companies, 50 employees, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2.

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What most gamers want from a fighting game? As a genre with limited gameplay system, always focused on the fighting game competition where players are required to defeat the opponent’s character with a variety of existing stance. The difference from each game are present arise from the unique control system to design the characters and plot. Therefore, various methods are used to produce a different experience in this genre. The most effective way? Of the sub-genre spawned crossover where the character of the game and a different world united in the battle arena. Of all the available crossover game, Playstation Fighter may be the most we dream!


Have you ever imagined epic battle in which Crash Bandicoot fight Kratos? Or Nathan Drake against Sweet Tooth? Sounds like a dream come true, is not it? However, the probability that this concept will become a reality becoming stronger. Sony rumored to be developing a game called “Title Fighter” also called Playstation Fighter, where the exclusive character that had been born in the Sony Playstation 1-3 are collected in a style fighting game Super Smash Bros. This means we will be pitted dozens of iconic characters in the exciting battle. The game is reportedly done by a company called indie developer SuperBot Entertainment and you can visit .

Both the Sony and SuperBot Enterainment not confirm the rumors on this one. This means we as gamers still do not hold out much hope that Sony really will realize Title Fighter reality. If it does happen, who the characters that you think deserve to join in dalammya? My dream is to see the classic PlayStation RPG characters to life again and engage in combat like this. Perhaps Fei of Xenogears or Ashley Riot of Vagrant Story. Fingers crossed ..

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Although there are so many new games are milling in the gaming industry today, the frequency of which is borne to the birth of the title exclusive to a particular platform dwindling. To ensure greater profits, developers today prefer to release publicly games for consoles and PC, although sometimes present in a much different quality. However, this policy does not seem to apply to this one game. “The Last of Us” declared itself as a new series that was born exclusively for Playstation 3 and you can visit madden nfl mobile hack.


Not much information can be extracted from this one series in addition to a considerable initial teaser sparked the curiosity. He presents a variety of video documentation that shows how humans mutually destructive and destroy each other. Various sensitive issues like anarchy, violence and terrorism are built as a basic plot. Interestingly, the official website of this game it shows the different video where ants become the object of focus on it. Any relation to an ant with violence perpetrated by men?

From a variety of rumors were spread, most likely The Last of Us will tell about the human effort for survivors of one of the interesting biological phenomena in the real world. Video ants were spotted in The Last of Us alone is believed to originate from office documentation reputable news – BBC that studies on a fungus called Cordyceps, which is able to enter into the living body, control of their brains, making him “crazy” and die, then make it as a place to grow. The power of nature is far more sinister than any horror stories.

An interesting title for the wait. With the developer and publisher is still a secret, I own quite expect this game is able to display the survival-horror plot that moves into a new direction, or at least present a creepy atmosphere that is now starting rare of big franchise in the gaming industry. Hopefully!

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One disadvantage of a multi-platform game is flexibility carried. One game that is built with a programming language should be able to walk alike and is perfect for gaming devices with different technologies to one another. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that developers often have to choose to focus on one at the expense of other qualities. Different specifications is indeed a source of potential problems. This is what happened to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and you can visit csrracing2hacks .


When gamers on PC and XBOX 360 lauding how Skyrim present as the best RPG game of the year, Playstation 3 gamers must first deal with the crucial issue before it is able to decide it. Decrease in framerate and lag was significant for Skyrim console version of Sony’s black. Not only that, these symptoms will become more common as your game progress and the growing size of the save files are created. Bethesda itself has acknowledged that there was not much they could do. What the hell gives?

Most likely lies in the system RAM is different between the Xbox 360 and PS3. If XBOX 360, developers can maximize the 512 MB of RAM as a single entity, PS3 break it into two: 256 MB for the system and 256 MB for graphics. Although the total size of the same, but the system is carried by the Playstation 3 makes it less flexible for developers. This is what was explained by Joshua Sawyer, a team of Obsidian. Bethesda itself promises patch to make these symptoms more rare.

While this Bethesda still collecting data by asking PS3 gamers to submit their save data. By doing so, they can study the problems that occurred in the field directly and immediately seek effective solutions to solve them. If you are a PS3 gamer who experienced the same thing, while you can only wait.

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For you fans of soccer games, would have been not familiar at FIFA games. The reason these games are quite popular among the lovers of soccer, especially the guys (especially the singles and nights a week is always filled with playing games).

The good news ya, artificial legendary games Electronic Arts or EA Sports have reportedly been officially released in the latest version which will be named FIFA 17. FIFA 17 hack Attendance is predicted will be a serious rival named PES 17 similar games that have been released prior to the 15 last September.


Yes, as reported by the Mirror, the latest games is indeed equipped with the latest graphics technology called frostbite. The technology is already used in games-renowned games such as Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront is reportedly making a graphical display of games FIFA 17 is more real.

Fun, thanks to technology, these graphics in games match the atmosphere of the stadium is claimed to be more real. In fact, you’ll feel too hubbub claimed the match and supporters while giving support to the team of his idol.

Like many rumored, games FIFA 17 is indeed brings new game mode that is claimed will make the game more exciting and make opium. Yes, the story mode The new Journey presented to FIFA 17 is claimed to bring the style of game that no one previously in the series of games FIFA.

With this story mode, you’ll be invited to navigate life fictional footballer named Alex Hunter. Yes, you will be invited into the Alex is in assembling a dream become a world famous soccer player, he began his career started to become a star.

Interestingly, EA Sport reportedly not kidding loh make The Journey’s story mode. They are reported to designate some of the athletes and famous writers such as Harry Kane and Tom Watt the ghost writer book My Side David Beckham to work on The Journey’s story mode.